Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nails of the day: Teal and Silver Cascade

Barry M Teal and Silver Cascade
Nails of the day: Barry M 216 Silver Cascade and 334 Teal.

Before applying any polish, or once a week if I'm not wearing some, I use my Boots 4-Way Nail Buffer to shape, remove any ridges and buff. This Boots one has been the best so far, I find file shape ones far too flimsy and the coating has always broken away for me. This is super sturdy compared to my older ones and creates a good, uniform finish. 

I've had Silver Cascade  for a while, but never really got round to using it. It's a very pink based glitter, with the bottle separating out into pink and silver after a while, giving it a very 3D look, which is impressive for a cheap polish. The silver glitter is interspersed with green, blue and red flakes as well which help build up a deep look to my accent nail. It takes a few applications to build up a good opaque layer, I'd say about 3/4, but the effect is worth it, and a little goes a long way.

The Teal colour is very similar to other metallic shades I've had previously, notably one by Miss Sporty I picked up a while back., however the application of this Barry M shade is far easier. To get this rich colour, I only needed two coats which is impressive, especially when the texture is quite thin. Barry M can be a little hit and miss with the texture and thickness of their polishes, for example, Blue Moon needs a good 3/4 layers to get some depth and good opaque coverage on there, whereas Blueberry Ice Cream only takes one coat!

As per usual, I finished off these with my Sally Hansen Mega Shine 'Extended Wear Top Coat which is amazing and the bottle is fantastic, too. It has a really nice long brush which means it fans and extends across the whole nail, giving even coverage without needing to reapply or risk an uneven finish. 

What's on your nails today? What colours do you want to see me do next week? Let me know below!

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