Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD: Cyan Blue and Blueberry Ice Cream

So, today and yesterday I wore my two favourite Barry M Shades, Cyan Blue and Blueberry Ice Cream. 

You may have already read me raving about it in the first NOTD post, but BIC is probably my favourite colour by Barry M, it has a rich and easy to apply texture, going opaque in just one coat. I used this on my ring finger nail to act as an accent. It works so well with CB because the shades are very similar, meaning they fit together really well.  

Cyan Blue was one I'd only used once before, but have friends who wear it a lot and really enjoy it so figured I'd try it. It's a very thick and opaque polish, much like BIC which makes for easy application and a very good finish, which is always a bonus when you're in a hurry like I was yesterday!

I'm not too sure if you can see, but on the accent nail I also swept a thin coat of Nubar's 2010. I love duochrome flakies, although this was my first time applying one to such a light colour, it didn't go so well so in the future I'll stick to applying to a darker, richer colour to get the full effect! And because my bottle's running really low!

Once again, this was finished off with my Sally Hansen topcoat, MegaShine, it's lasted really well, especially with all the guitar I've been playing!

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